Permit - Overhead Street Banner

Overhead street banners are permitted in certain areas of the city. To have a street banner installed, the owner of the banner must complete a Street Banner Application and Hold Harmless Agreement, and pay a permit fee of $410. This fee is fully refundable if the permit is not granted. Once approved, banners are installed and taken down by City personnel. To obtain a permit application or get more information, contact the City Manager's Office at (909) 384-5122.

The Street Banner Permit Application and Hold Harmless Agreement may also be downloaded and printed:
Street Banner Permit Application

Completed Street Banner Permit Applications should be returned, along with the application fee, to the City Manager's Office, 290 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401. Applications can be submitted in person or by mail.

Read the Municipal Code regulations Title 16 concerning street banners, including permissible locations.

Specifications regulating the installation of overhead street banners and other overhead suspended hardware:

  • All overhead suspended street banners shall be installed in accordance with California Public Utilities Commission regulations. Banners may not interfere with vehicular rights-of-way. The minimum elevation is 16 feet above grade.

  • All street banners shall be 36 feet by 2 1/2 feet in size, and shall have a sufficient number of wind holes set in staggered configurations 8 inches in from the bottom and top sides to prevent tearing during high winds. The holes shall have a minimum diameter of 4 inches.

  • All banners shall contain metal eyelet grommets. They shall be placed at the four corners of the banner to provide rope attachment for securing purposes.

  • A series of metal eyelet grommets shall also be placed at 3 foot intervals along the top and bottom of the banner, and shall be ample size so they may be properly attached to a 3/8 inch messenger cable.

  • At the end of the banner time limit, the banner shall be removed by City personnel and stored at City Yards, 247 South Pershing Ave., for a period not to exceed 48 hours. The banner owner or representative should retrieve the banner within this time frame to minimize the possibility of a lost banner.

  • In the event that other types of decorating materials are desired, please contact the Engineering division of the Community Development Department at (909) 384-5129.