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About Us

The Business Registration Division operates under the City's Finance Department and issues all business registration certificates. In addition to issuing business registration certificates, the Division is responsible for the collection of Transient Lodging Tax, enforcing the sidewalk vending ordinance, and outdoor display ordinance. This Division issues a variety of permits and manages investigations for dine/dance live entertainment and games of amusement.

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Do I Need to Register My Business with the City?

PER San Bernardino City Law: Any person, including but not limited to, an individual, corporation or sole proprietor who wishes to conduct either directly or indirectly, any business within the City of San Bernardino must secure a registration certificate. City law states that no person shall engage in business or transact and carry on a business, show, exhibition or game in the city without first having procured a registration certificate from the city to do so, or without complying with any and all applicable provisions of Title 5 of the City Ordinance relating to business registration. A separate certificate is required for each branch or location of business.

EXCEPTIONS: Those businesses specifically exempted by State or Federal Statute.

PROHIBITIONS: Sidewalk vending is allowed in the public right of way, with the appropriate permit under San Bernardino Municipal Code 5.30.  Vending is not permitted in vacant lots or other private property.  Violation of this City Ordinance is subject to an Administration Citation with fines up to $1,000.00 for each occurrence.

How Do I Register My Business?

Fill out an application, either at our office or online (under quick links above). If you need further assistance, contact us to discuss the details of your particular business operation. We are available in-person, online, or via telephone to be able to assist you. 

  • Please read the application thoroughly. All sections of the application form should be completed including business name, business location, business mailing address. If a post office box is used, you must also provide a physical address. Is this a new business, change of ownership, business or address change? State whether your business is owned solely by you, or whether it is a partnership or a corporation. Names and home addresses of the owners or officers of the corporation are also required.
  • Submit your Business Registration Application along with an approved Zoning Verification Review to the Business Registration Division. Registration fees may be paid by cash, check, money order  or credit card (a convenience fee will apply). A penalty will be imposed for any returned checks. Your Business Registration Certificate will be mailed to you in approximately two weeks to three weeks.

*Please note that some businesses that may require a special use permit. Here is a listing of those types of businesses:

City of San Bernardino CA - Special Permit Required Listing

*** Please contact us for more information for Special Permitting Requirements. 


Inquire about city zoning requirements for your type of business and its planned location. An approved copy of a Zoning Verification Review must be presented at the time of submitting your application for a Business Registration Certificate. This approval is required even if you are purchasing an existing business or moving into an existing building previously used for the same type of business.

A Zoning Verification Review can be obtained from the Planning Division of the Community and Economic Development Department. Please contact the Planning Division directly at (909) 384-5057.



  • Contact the Burrtec Waste Industries, the City's franchise refuse hauler, at the time you complete your Business Registration in order to arrange for refuse service. Health and Safety laws require that each business operating within the City must receive a minimum of once per week refuse service. Additional information is available by calling (909) 804-4222.
  • Contact the Internal Revenue Service for a Federal Employer Identification Number. The IRS will provide a Businessman's Kit, seminars for new businesses, additional information and forms (800) 829-1040
  • Contact the State Franchise Tax Board to obtain forms if you intend to have employees or to obtain a Form 540ES for estimating State Withholding Tax for yourself. (800) 852-5711
  • Contact the State Employment Tax Department  (EDD) to obtain a State Employer Identification Number if you have employees and withhold State Income Tax, Disability and Unemployment Insurance at (888) 745-3886. Contact EDD on the web at
  • Contact the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board if you plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages (909) 782-4400.


  • If you are using a fictitious business name ,contact the County Recorder's Office and your local newspaper with regard to publication of notice, etc. You may wish to contact them by telephone first at (909) 387-8306.
  • If your business activity requires a Seller's Permit (Retail Sales Tax Number) from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). To obtain this  permit, you may apply in person at one of the local CDTFA district offices.  The two closest CDTFA offices are located at 10760 4th Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 or 3737 Main St., Ste. 1000 Riverside, CA 92501-3395. You may wish to contact them by telephone first to determine if your business requires such a permit.  The Rancho Cucamonga branch office number is (909) 257-2900 and the Riverside branch office number is (951) 680-6400.
  • Contact the San Bernardino County Department of Environmental Health if your establishment intends to prepare and/or sell food of any type. For the business of catering or ice cream trucks and or carts, you must present a copy of your health permit to obtain your Business Registration Certificate. To reach Environmental Health please call 1-800-442-2283.
  • If you own single family residences and commercial properties that are rented or leased, you are required to obtain a registration certificate from the Business Registration Division (909) 384-5035.
  • If you use your residential property for business purposes, you may require a Home Occupation Permit. Information regarding the Home Occupation Permit may be obtained through the Community Development Department (909) 384-5057.


Business Operation Information


  • GROSS RECEIPTS Businesses which have a physical location within the City of San Bernardino shall pay a fee based on gross receipts. The schedule of fees shall be set from time to time by Resolution of the Mayor and City Council.
  • FLAT RATE Businesses which are not located within the City of San Bernardino, but provide a service within the city, (i.e. contractor, janitorial service, etc.), may be assessed a flat rate which shall be set from time to time by Resolution of the Mayor and City Council.


  • All Business Registration Certificates must be displayed on the premises in a conspicuous place (i.e. in plain view). For those not having a fixed business address, the certificate must be physically carried by the person and presented upon request. NOTE: Photo copies are not valid.


  • Once you have obtained a registration certificate, a courtesy renewal notice will automatically be forwarded to you before your expiration date. You will have a 30 day period in which to renew. If you do not receive a renewal notice, please contact the Business Registration Division. Failure to receive a renewal notice does not relieve the business owner's responsibility to renew the business registration.


  •  A Business Registration Certificate is not transferable. The certificate is terminated when business ownership changes. Advise the Business Registration Division should you relocate or terminate your business for any reason.


Here are more resources to support your business:


  • The City of San Bernardino Economic Development Department can assist new and existing businesses with tools and resources. 
  • The San Bernardino County Business Services Unit (BSU) engages businesses and responds to their diverse workforce needs through personal interaction.  The Business Services Representatives (BSR), communicate directly with businesses to gather input on their specific workforce development needs and use this information to develop customized services for employers. The mission of the BSU is to be responsive to the needs of the businesses within the County of San Bernardino, provide high quality services to cultivate business growth and development, to stimulate hiring, and to satisfy the demands of the local labor market. To contact the Business Services Unit please call (800) 451- JOBS (5627).


  • If you are interested in doing business directly with the City, please visit our City Finance page for more information. Please note, all suppliers/vendors/contractors, are required to have a valid/current city business license and register within our system. 
  • The City is dedicated in supporting supplier diversity - equitable business for all. Please reach out to our Purchasing division for more information. 


If you have any additional questions that are not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us or come in-person. We are here to assist you. 

 Please call us at (909) 384-5302 or (909) 384-5035 and/or email at [email protected].