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Average Daily Traffic Map
Disclaimer: The traffic counts shown on this map are not allowed to be used for Traffic Reports or Studies without the written approval of the City Engineer.

Traffic Study Guidelines 2

Traffic Index.pdf

Street Light Standards.pdf

Consultant Services Agreement

RFQ-RFP Traffic Services

San Bernardino Local Roadway Safety Plan - Report

     San Bernardino LRSP - Appendix A - Concepts and Cost Estimates

     San Bernardino LRSP - Appendix B - SB Countermeasure BCR

     San Bernardino LRSP - Appendix C - Countermeasure Reference

     San Bernardino LRSP - Appendix D - PCF Glossary

Commercial Vehicle Restriction Map - Trucks and commercial vehicles are prohibited or limited on these streets. There are multiple classifications of restrictions based on weight of vehicle.