Franklin D. Roosevelt Bowl

1001 E. Highland Ave.

San Bernardino, CA 92404

(909) 384-5233

Roosevelt Bowl Big

Nestled against the hill at Perris Hill Park, this 1,800-seat outdoor amphitheater provides a historic and natural setting for a variety of events and programs. The bowl was built and dedicated in 1934 as part of the Federal Work Progress Administration. The bowl is surrounded by stately oaks, which provide shade for the open-air seating. The retainer wall, a mosaic of stone work reflects the architecture of the period as well as the labor-intensive style of W.P.A.

The bowl has had several improvements since its opening. In 1981, the old wooden-backed benches were replaced with aluminum seating and a new concrete stage was constructed in 1982 to replace the or original wood stage. In 1983, restrooms and a concession building were added just outside the bowl.

The F.D.R. Bowl is ideal for holding outdoor church services, musicals, plays and concerts. Great for fundraising. It has served as the home for Junior University Productions for over 20 years.

Junior University - Peter Pan Summer 2003 (click picture to enlarge)

Day Shot of Stage Captain Hookenters Bedroom Scene

For a modest fee, you too may sponsor a successful outdoor event.

Rental fees:

$130.00 1st Hour

$ 60.00 each additional hour

Please see Rental Procedures for additional information.