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Andreson Family

Picture of John Andreson Sr.

John Andreson, Sr., was born on January 28, 1834 in Schleswig Holstein, near the border of Denmark and Germany...

Arrowhead (Landmark)

San Bernardino Arrowhead (Landmark)

One of the most famous landmarks in the Inland Empire is the Arrowhead. Located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains...

Arrowhead Springs Hotel

Arrowhead Springs Hotel

First there was a health spa in 1864. Then a hotel, and when that one burned down...

Buildings of Howard E. Jones

Buildings of Howard E. Jones

This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the architect of the courthouse is listed as Howard E. Jones...

California Room

Arda Haenszel California Room

San Bernardino's colorful history is preserved in the Feldheym Library's California Room.

California's Unbuilt Missions

Old California Mission

"The reasons for the founding of the first missions in Alta California are familiar to all of us..."

Centennial (1890-1910)

San Bernardino Centennial Re-print

This publication is a re-print of selected articles from the 1910 special edition of The Evening Index...


San Bernardino Chinatown

When most Californians think of "Chinatown", visions of these popular Asian communities in Los Angeles or San Francisco...

City Halls of San Bernardino

San Bernardino's First Permanent City Hall

The San Bernardino City Hall has been located in several different buildings since the City first became incorporated in 1854...

City Seal

1886 San Bernardino City Seal

Besides the founding date of May 20, 1810, there are numerous dates that are significant in the...

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Engine 3751

Engine 3751

In May of 1927, the Santa Fe Railway took delivery of Engine 3751 from the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia...

Farming in 1874

Farming in 1874

San Bernardino, which is a point seldom visited by tourists, and but little known to the Eastern settler or farmer...

Fire Department

Historic San Bernardino Fire Department

Fire protection in San Bernardino actually had its origin June 22, 1865, from a meeting held...

First Jail

San Bernardino's First Jail

One of the few remaining tangible reminders of our county's early history has recently found a new "home"...

Firsts in San Bernardino

Firsts in San Bernardino

The first people living in the area were the Serrano and Cahuilla Indians...

Feud of 1893

Dueling Pistols

There was a rumor that John and Silas Glenn had come up on Friday night to ambush Ollie Applewhite...

Fort San Bernardino

Fort San Bernardino

When the Mormons arrived in 1851, there was wide spread fear of a general uprising among the Utes...

Fourth of July

American Flag

It seems a little hard to believe that the earliest recorded celebration of the American patriotic...


The Harris Company

The Harris Company Building

...the flagship for a chain of stores which became synonymous with the Inland Empire of Southern California...

Harry's Roller Rink

Harry's Roller Rink

This story is dedicated to the memory of Harry Dickerman, and the businesses he ran in San Bernardino...

Historical & Pioneer Society

Historical & Pioneer Society

In 1888, a group of men formed a San Bernardino Chapter of the "Society of California Pioneers"..

Historical Treasures

Historical Portrait

Personal photos of City residents comprise Feldheym Library's collection...

History & Railroad Museum

History & Railroad Museum

The museum, located in the Santa Fe Depot, contains many one-of-a-kind artifacts and continuously playing DVD's and slide shows.

History Links

History Links

Can't get enough history? Then try this page of fascinating hyperlinks to other local history resources...

History of San Bernardino

Overhead View of a San Bernardino Street

San Bernardino's colorful history begins in the early years of the 19th century...

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Jedediah Smith

Jedediah Smith and men in the Mojave Desert

The first American to describe the San Bernardino Valley was a member of a fur trapping expedition which came this way in 1826...

Jim Waters

Jim Waters

Jim Waters was one of the first pioneers, politicians, and land-developers that San Bernardino ever had.



The name Jumuba is no longer familiar to most local residents...

Lee Miles: Resident Pilot

Lee Miles

Had he been living today Leland Shaw Miles might have been an astronaut, or at the least have entered a profession...


Martin Luther King Statue

Martin Luther King Statue

Full-length figure of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stands on a square base with sloped sides. Dr. King wears a suit and tie and his proper left hand is on his chest.

Mass Transit

Historical Street Car

Long before there were paved roads or freeways in the San Bernardino Valley, short line railroads and streetcar systems...

Mayors of San Bernardino

Mayor Amasa Lyman

A slideshow of the Mayors of San Bernardino, past & present..

McCall's Horse Trough

McCall's Horse Trough

A historic limestone, horse-watering trough, a relic of the twenty-mule team era of...

Movie Palaces

Fox Theater

As motion pictures were coming into vogue during the 1920's, San Bernardino...

Mystery Photograph

Mystery Photograph

In June 2007, Fontana Councilman John Roberts presented this photograph to...

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National Orange Show

National Orange Show

In 1910, the first National Orange Show was conceived by a group of...

Opera House

Lillie Langtry

The Inland Empire has a rich cultural past. In fact, if you lived in this area a century ago, you needn't travel far...

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

When the expected Indian attack never materialized, the original Mormon settlers in San Bernardino decided...

Pioneer Society - 1888

Pioneer Society at a Log Cabin in Pioneer Park

The San Bernardino Society for California Pioneers was chartered in 1888 by three men...

Pioneer Women

Pioneer Women

When names of people contributing to the development of San Bernardino are mentioned, well known pioneers...

Presidents in San Bernardino

Theodore Roosevelt

There have been several U.S. Presidents that have visited our great City, including the late great Teddy Roosevelt...

Rose Parade Floats

Rose Parade Floats

The last time the City of San Bernardino participated in the Rose Parade was...

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San Bernardino in 1810

Illustration of Joaquin Moraga

...the town of San Bernardino, originally the Indian village of Guachama, received its name during an 1810 expedition...

San Bernardino in 1892

Arrow Head-Hot Springs near San Bernardino

From "The Graphic", Chicago, May 21, 1892

Santa Fe Depot

Santa Fe Depot

In 1875, the Southern Pacific Railroad came into the area. Eleven years later, the Santa Fe Railroad...

Sesquicentennial (1810-1960)

Sesquicentennial Re-Print

On May 20, 1960, San Bernardino observed its 150th birthday anniversary...

Streets and Places

Streets and Places Graphic

The history of 45 streets and places have been extracted from Elizabeth W. Richards' 1966 publication (reprinted by permission).

Sturges: Man and Monuments

David Brainard Sturges

It is quite a distinguishing event when a building is named in honor of a leader of the community...

The Tale of The Kite

The Tale of The Kite Graphic

"The Tale of The Kite, The Eastern Loop of the Kite-Shaped Track", Presented By Mark Landis.

Thomas Coulter's 1835 Map

Pine Cones

Coulter's name may sound familiar to local hikers and backpackers for the Coulter Pine Tree was...

Trivia Quiz

San Bernardino Trivia Quiz Graphic

The Ultimate San Bernardino Trivia Quiz compiled by the Feldheym Library California Room Docents...

Wyatt Earp

Josephine Earp

Wyatt spent more of his life in San Bernardino County (with his wife Sadie), than anywhere else...