City Hall

  • Administrative Services
    Administrative Services is a division of the City of San Bernardino that encompasses the three departments that primarily serve City Employees. These departments are Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

  • Animal Services
    The Animal Services Department responds to animal emergencies 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Animal Control Officers are on duty daily to respond to complaints. A trained staff of seven Animal Control Officers and four part-time License Checkers provides the field services. Services include stray animal apprehension, bite quarantines, animal licensing, animal noise violations, aggressive dogs and pick-up of injured, sick, or stray animals. In addition, the department works with the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley to establish productive public programs. These programs are targeted towards educating pet owners about their responsibilities to the community, humane treatment of animals, and spay/neuter programs.

  • City Attorney's Office
    The functions of this office are to defend the City in court actions, including tort suits, and to commence court actions as directed by the Mayor and City Council, or pursuant to law, to prosecute ordinance violations and violations of certain state laws as City Attorney and, as needed, with independent prosecutorial authority; issue legal opinions and provide advice to the Mayor and City Council, department/division heads, and boards and commission on legal questions, and keep them abreast on new laws and current court decisions; prepare or review resolutions, ordinances, leases and agreements; attend various meetings with the Mayor, Council, etc.

  • City Clerk
    The City Clerk is the custodian of all public documents for the City of San Bernardino. The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the Record and Information Management Program (RIM), processing public records requests, and administering all City elections. The City Clerk serves as the filing officer for all Campaign Statements and Statements of Economic Interest. In addition, the City Clerk also manages the preparation and distribution of City Council agendas and minutes and oversees the Passport Acceptance Facility at the City.

  • City Council

    The City Council is an elected body with legislative powers to enact ordinances, resolutions, policies, and enforcement, and funding actions to enhance the social and economic well being of the City and its citizens. Residents within their respective wards elect the seven members of Council to four-year terms.

  • City Manager's Office
    The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration of City government. The City Manager provides overall management and supervision of all City departments. The City Manager's Office acts as the nexus for interaction, coordination, and communication among all City departments.The City Manager's Office is responsible for managing budget resources, carrying out policy implementation, and providing analysis and recommendations to aid in policy development. Providing a sound fiscal direction for the City is the main goal of this department. This process is accomplished by the overseeing and aiding in the preparation, adoption, and maintenance of each annual budget.The City Manager's Office, in addition to providing the lead role in policy formulation and budgetary management, focuses on special projects as directed by the Mayor and City Council. This department performs the agenda development function for the Mayor and Common Council, administers the City Employees' Rideshare Program, and coordinates grant writing efforts.

  • Community Development & Housing
    Community Development & Housing is responsible for administration of the City's regulatory functions relating to proposed and existing development. The Department consists of the following divisions: Administration, Building and Safety, Code Enforcement, Land Development, and Planning.

  • Economic Development
    Economic Development is responsible for providing professional services that focus on 1) marketing to enhance the City image and showcase the City's assets and opportunities; 2) business retention and attraction efforts to encourage job creation and increase general fund revenue; 3) workforce development efforts to provide residents access to quality local jobs; and 4) building strategic partnerships with intergovernmental and community based agencies such as local educational institutions, medical service providers, businesses, state, local, county, and regional entities, and local joint power authorities to both leverage and attract funds and resources.

  • Finance & Management Services
    Finance & Management Services is responsible for the City's financial planning (budgeting); accounting of the City's resources; fair and accurate reporting of the City's financial position; management and control of all of the City's financial activities; and the management of the business registration division. Additionally, the Finance Department provides data and analysis to assist the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council in formulating policies.

  • Fire Protection Services
    Effective, July 1, 2016, fire protection and emergency medical response services are now being provided by the San Bernardino County Fire District. Specifically, the city service coverage is provided by SBCFD Division 6.

  • Human Resources & Risk Management
    Services provided by the Human Resources & Risk Management Department include recruitments; administration of employee benefits; wage and position surveys; tuition reimbursement program; negotiations with bargaining units; and, oversees supervision of Risk Management functions (Workers' Compensation and Liability).

  • Information Technology
    Information Technology (IT) is an internal service department that serves the information technology needs of the City's departments. IT is responsible for enterprise-wide communication and information technology services.

  • Inland Empire Media Group
    The Inland Empire Media Group (IEMG) provides regulatory oversight of the City's cable companies for franchise compliance, consumer protection, and franchise renewal negotiations. IEMG operates and programs two cable channels, one public and one community/government, for the community with total programming hours in excess of 5,400 annually. IEMG Channels are seen locally in the Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications City of San Bernardino service areas, regionally on Verizon FIOSTV and in Southern California on AT&T U-verse. The IEMG also provides guidance and support to the Community Cable Television Commission.

  • Library
    The mission of the San Bernardino Public Library is to provide free access to the world of ideas, information and creative experience for all citizens of San Bernardino. The Library is a cultural center where the people of San Bernardino come together to learn and participate in public discourse. It aids the community in the creation of informed and educated citizenry and provides opportunities for free lifelong learning and economic improvement. The San Bernardino Public Library is governed by an autonomous administrative Library Board of Trustees as provided by Article XII of the Charter of the City of San Bernardino. Library services are provided at four sites: Norman F. Feldheym Central Library, Villasenor Library, Inghram Library, and Rowe Library.

  • Parks, Recreation & Community Services
    The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department provides a diversified system of parks and open spaces, recreation centers, programs and community services to meet social and leisure needs and enhance the quality of life for all City residents.

  • Police Department
    The Police Department provides general police services to the City. It is the Police Department's responsibility to protect life, property and human rights, reduce fear of crime, and increase neighborhood vitality in partnership with the community.

  • Public Works
    The Public Works Department maintains all streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and sewer mains in the City. Public Works provides administrative support to other funds including Integrated Waste Management, Fleet, and Sewer Line Maintenance. Public Works also oversees sanitation collection.